Designing a farm forest
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Designing a Farm Forest

Designing a farm forest

Why would you want to grow or manage a forest? The responses to this question will vary widely but will generally relate to the financial, environmental, agricultural, non-agricultural or personal goals of farmers such as:

Financial goals
• investment
• diversification
• deferring income
• utilising unproductive land
• enhancing property values
• providing on-farm employment

Environmental goals
• controlling land degradation
• enhancing natural habitats
• screening offensive industries
• improving water quality

Agricultural goals
• shade and shelter
• controlling vermin and noxious weeds
• recycling or fixing soil nutrients
• fodder for stock

Non-agricultural goals
• enhance tourism potential
• develop new skills and job opportunities
• establish a forestry related on-farm business

Personal and lifestyle goals
• wishing to leave a legacy
• watch a forest grow
• learn about the natural environment
• improve the view

Farmers’ participation in forestry is driven and constrained by diverse and complex motivations and limitations. Identifying clear motivations is the first step to designing appropriate farm forestry options.

Steps in designing a farm forestry system
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