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Government Departments and Programs
National, NSW, NT, Qld, SA, Tas, Vic, ACT

National Government Departments and Programs

Commonwealth Department of Agriculture, Fisheries & Forestry (AFFA)
Federal Government Department

Department of Environment and Heritage (Environment Australia)
Environment Australia advises the Commonwealth Government on policies and programs for the protection and conservation of the environment, including both natural and cultural heritage places. It also manages a number of major programs, the most significant of which come under the umbrella of the Natural Heritage Trust. These programs include Bushcare, Coasts and Clean Seas, the Endangered Species Program and Waterwatch. Environment Australia also administers environmental laws, including the Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act 1999 and a range of other Acts. It is also responsible for Australia's participation in a number of international environmental agreements.

Joint Venture Agroforestry Program (JVAP)
The Joint Venture Agroforestry Program was established in 1993 and is jointly funded by the Rural Industries, Land and Water Resources and Forest and Wood Products Research and Development Corporations (RIRDC, L&W Australia and FWPRDC). The Grains R&D Corporation, the Cotton R&D Corporation, the Murray Darling Basin Commission and the Natural Heritage Trust also contribute to the program.

National Dryland Salinity Program (NDSP)
Australia's National Dryland Salinity Program is a collaborative research and development effort that is investigating the causes of, and solutions to, the national problem of dryland salinity.

National action plan for salinity and water quality
The National Action Plan for Salinity and Water Quality is the first of its kind. It tackles two major natural resource management
issues facing Australia's rural industries, regional communities and our unique environment.

Farm Forestry and Bushcare programs, National Heritage Trust (NHT)
The Natural Heritage Trust was set up in 1997 to help to restore and conserve Australia's environment and natural resources. Since then, thousands of community groups have received funding for environmental and natural resource management projects.

The Australian Greenhouse Office (AGO)
Federal Government Department

NSW Government Departments and Programs

NSW Environmental Protection Authority (EPA)
Established in 1992 under the Protection of the Environment Administration Act 1991, the EPA works in partnership with business, industry, government and community organisations. In addition to its regulatory functions the EPA is active in environmental education, environmental economics, environmental research and monitoring, and regular reporting on the state of the environment in NSW.

NSW Natural Resources & Climate, NSW Agriculture

New South Wales Agriculture$WEB_HOME?MIval=cw_usr_view_Folder&id=1

New South Wales Office of Private Forestry
The NSW private plantation and native forest industries offer significant benefits for forest owners, investors and the wider community. It is our aim to promote these benefits and to facilitate development of the industry.

NSW Dept of Land & Water Conservation (DLWC)
As a leader in natural resource management, the department's role is to help the community to obtain the maximum benefit from its limited, and sometimes fragile, natural resources. The department expects to achieve its vision, which is to work together to achieve healthy and productive environments for present and future generations, through integrated catchment management, i.e. the coordinated and sustainable management of the State's natural resources. The department's work is diverse, and is increasingly undertaken in partnership with local communities and other State and local government agencies.

State Forests of NSW
State Forests is a New South Wales Government Trading Enterprise responsible for sustainably managing more than 2 million hectares of public native forests and an expanding estate of hardwood and softwood planted forests.

Northern Territory Government Departments and Programs

NT Department of Business, Industry and Resource Development
State Government Department

Queensland Government Departments and Programs

QLD Department of Natural Resources & Mines (NR&M)
NR&M plays a critical role in stewardship of Queensland's natural resources. The department manages and allocates the State's land, water, mineral and petroleum resources, and manages native vegetation and the control of pest plants and animals.

QLD Department of Primary Industries, Forestry (DPIF)
Manages Queensland commercial forestry business.

QLD Plantation Hardwoods
If you are a private landowner or investor interested in hardwood plantations on your property, the Queensland Government wants your help to set up and maintain eucalypt plantations. Through DPI's Hardwood Plantation Program, you can become part of this developing industry, building on the potential of South East Queensland.

Private Forestry North Queensland Association Inc. (PFNQ)
Regional Plantation Committee

QLD Environmental Protection Agency, Queensland Parks and Wildlife Service (EPA)
Key functions of the organisation are environmental planning, environmental policy and economics, environmental operations with service delivery in Southern, Central and Northern Regions, sustainable industries, environmental and technical services, public affairs, corporate development, and corporate performance and risk.

Queensland Department of Primary Industries
Growth in food and fiber industries, environment-friendly sustainable production, ethical resource use, confident, viable rural communities, safe food and protection against imported pests and diseases, innovation in science and technology, a sound return on investment for Queensland.

South Australian Government Departments and Programs

Department of Primary Industries and Resources South Australia (PIRSA)
Primary Industries and Resources SA (PIRSA) is a key economic development agency within the South Australian Government, supporting industries with a total value in excess of $7 billion. It is committed to sustainable and responsible development as well as fostering of internationally competitive industries across the primary resources sector.

The South Australian Forestry Corporation trading as ForestrySA manages the state owned forest resource in South Australia. This primarily consists of Pinus radiata in the Green Triangle Region, the Mount Lofty Ranges and the Mid North Regions. The head office for ForestrySA is located in the Green Triangle Region at Mount Gambier

Farm Forestry, ForestrySA

SA Department of Environment and Heritage (DEH)
Through this site, you will be able to explore the functions, programs and structure of the many, varied businesses of the Department, including National Parks and Wildlife SA, the Botanic Gardens, Plant Biodiversity Centre, Environment Protection Agency, and Heritage SA. You will also be able to gain access to information relating to the Department generally, such as the Annual Report and employment opportunities.

SA Department of Water, Land and Biodiversity Conservation

Salt Control South Australia
Welcome to the home of Salinity Management in SA, a clearing house for salinity issues, identities, industries and initiatives.

Tasmanian Government Departments and Programs

TAS Department of Primary Industries, Water and Environment (DPIWE)
State Government Department

Forestry Tasmania
Forestry Tasmania is responsible for managing 1.4 million hectares of multiple use State forest and 178,000 hectares of forest reserves.

Private Forests Tasmania (PFT)
PFT is the only government funded authority established to specifically promote, foster and assist the private forest sector to sustainably manage native forests and encourage the expansion of plantations. The authority also has a commitment to foster the use and value of trees in land management.

Victorian Government Departments and Programs

Department of Natural Resources & Environment, Victoria (DNRE) (NRE)
Services are provided through the following output groups: Aboriginal Reconciliation and Respect, Agriculture, Catchment and Water, Conservation and Recreation, Energy and Greenhouse Policy Advice, Fisheries, Forests and Fire Management, Land Management and Information, Minerals and Petroleum

Forestry, Department of Natural Resources & Environment, Victoria (DNRE)
Of Victoria's 8.8 million hectares of public land - more than one third of the State - the Forests Service manages 3.5 million hectares. This land is called State forest, and is managed to balance a variety of values. These values include the conservation of flora and fauna, protection of water catchments and water quality, the provision of timber and other forest products on a sustainable basis, the protection of landscape, archaeological and historic values, and the provision of recreational and educational opportunities.

Private Forestry, Department of Natural Resources & Environment, Victoria (DNRE)
The Victorian Government through the Private Forestry Unit aims to promote the social, economic and environmental benefits of commercial trees and is committed to facilitating the development and expansion of a viable and sustainable private forestry industry.

Western Australian Government Departments and Programs
Forest Facts, Department of Conservation and Land management, Western Australia (CALM)
Western Australia's public native forests are managed by CALM for many diverse values and industries, including nature conservation, tourism and recreation, water catchment protection and timber production.

Department of Agriculture, Western Australia
The Agriculture Protection Program provides efficient, effective protection services for the State's animal and plant industries and related resources.

WA Forest Products Commission (FPC)
The Forest Products Commission (FPC) has been established by the Western Australian Government to undertake the commercial production, allocation and sale of forest products from the State's native forests, and from State-owned and State-managed plantations. It has similar commercial functions and accountability to existing Government trading enterprises.

ACT Government Departments and Programs


Non Government Organisations

Greening Australia
Excessive clearing of the bush for rural and urban development has contributed to serious land degradation in Australia. All Australians bear the cost of a degraded agricultural landscape and with it the loss of unknown numbers of native species which impoverishes our environment. Greening Australia is a national, community organization that helps Australians to protect remnant vegetation; protect biodiversity; repair and prevent land degradation; improve water quality; and provide habitat for native fauna. We do this by helping the community to conserve and plant native trees, shrubs and grasses.

Greening Australia Farm Forestry Support Service

Landcare Australia
We are a bridge between Landcare and Coastcare groups, governments, and business, connecting people throughout Australia to care for our environment. We support the Landcare and Coastcare movements by raising funds and awareness, and help governments, corporates and communities become partners in awareness campaigns and environmental repair projects.

Grower Groups & Networks

Australian Forest Growers National Office (AFG)
Australian Forest Growers: is a national association with state and regional chapters; is the only national organization representing and promoting the interests of private commercial forestry and farm tree growers; has credibility with Governments as the voice of private forest growing; is run by a voluntary national council of growers with committees on Communications, Finance, Taxation, Insurance, Marketing and Research and Development; is supported by a small paid and professional staff based in Canberra.

VIC Agroforestry News

The Australian Master TreeGrower Program.
The Australian Master TreeGrower Program is an exciting program offered to landholders and there supporters who can make a significant contribution to the development of farm forestry in their region. With 38 programs completed throughout Australia and over 750 participants having successfully completed the Program, we are overwhelmed by the success and positive feedback from the Program.

Private Forestry Development Committees

ACT, NSW Southern Tablelands Regional Plantation Committee
Regional Plantation Committee

NSW New England North-West Forestry Investment Group
Regional Plantation Committee

NSW Northern Rivers Regional Plantation Committee
Regional Plantation Committee

South East NSW Private Forestry
Regional Plantation Committee

QLD Private Forestry North Queensland
Regional Plantation Committee

SA Greater Green Triangle Regional Plantation Committee
Regional Plantation Committee

TAS Private Forests Tasmania

Central Victorian Farm Plantation Committee
Regional Plantation Committee

VIC Gippsland Private Forestry Inc
Regional Plantation Committee

VIC Plantations North East Inc.
Regional Plantation Committee

WA Timber 2002 WA Great Southern
Regional Plantation Committee

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