Why plant trees?
Why Farm Forestry
Why Plant Trees
Markets for products & services
Designing a Farm Forest

Why plant trees?

Whatever farmers’ motivation for wanting to grow and manage trees, there is a lot they can learn about designing and managing their forest so it is more productive and satisfying.

For many farmers it is obvious that their farm needs more trees. Land degradation and a lack of shelter for stock and crops affect productivity, land value and the appearance of many farms. Research suggests that nature conservation and providing wildlife habitats are also important.

Farmers might be able to diversify their business activities and improve their property by taking advantage of trees’ potential to provide a financial return from the sale of forest products. There are also increasing opportunities for farmers to be paid to provide land for plantations or to plant and manage trees for environmental benefits such as salinity control. Already, some farmers are being paid to protect native forests for their biodiversity values

Making money from the sale of farm forestry products and services

Farm forestry supporting agriculture by providing shade, shelter and fodder

Farm forestry for landcare and rehabilitation

Biodiversity and nature conservation

Enhancing the rural landscape through farm forestry

Most farmers look for a wide range of benefits from their forests. Designing and managing multipurpose farm forestry projects is covered in another section:

Multipurpose farm forestry makes common sense

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