Designing a Farm Forest / Diagnosis, design and evaluations - steps in design
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Designing a Farm Forest

Diagnosis, design and evaluations – steps in design

The following design framework has been used in the delivery of the Australian Master Tree Grower Program over the last 6 years. The approach begins with the farmer’s own aspirations and needs, and introduces the commercial opportunities arising from the potential sale of forestry products and services. Multipurpose designs arise naturally and promising options are evaluated against the farmer’s own performance criteria.

Master TreeGrower design framework

  Farmers' Design Criteria
  Market Specifications

• Farmer goals, aspirations, available resources and constraints
• Role trees and forests must play in order to meet goals within constraints
• Project design criteria, performance measures and attitude to risk

What the farmers wants



• Stakeholder interest in forestry and their willingness to pay or penalise
• Market specifications for the trading of forest products and services
• Target tree and stand characteristics required to meet market specifications

What the market is seeking


  Design - Balancing Multiple Goals

• Compare farmer and market needs to identify the compromises and complementarity
• Build up multipurpose designs based on farmer priorities and market specifications
• Review management options that might be able to deliver against farmer design criteria and market specifications
• Identify those variables within each design that can be varied by the farmer

Bringing it all together



• Test effect of changing the design variables against the design criteria, performance measures and the farmers’ attitude to risk
• Identify uncertainties and assess their likely impact on the project outcomes.
• Reduce uncertainty by seeking out information, undertaking independent research and/or supporting new cooperative research.
• Compare promising options: accept or reject



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